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AWWA NJ MemberStars
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Meet Some of the Stars of AWWA NJ

We are proud to have members that are actively engaged in both the association and in the water community. Please meet some of our current members, who've earned some extra kudos this year due to their extraordinary efforts!


Andy Clauhs



Andy, with his family, in Maine


Andy and his youngest daughter on vacation in FL



Andy, with his wife and son... Parents Weekend at TCNJ! 







Say hello to the Section’s October Spotlight Member … Andy Clauhs! Andy is the New Jersey Infrastructure Territory Manager for Mueller. Andy has been an AWWA member since 2001. Since that time, he has been active in the New Jersey Section. In his early years as a Section volunteer, he spent time on the Technical Program Committee. He served four terms as a Section Trustee from 2014 to 2018. Most recently he is co-chair of the Section’s Manufacturer’s and Associates Committee. During ACE 17 in Philadelphia he was the Competitions Committee Chair. And in 2017, he was the Section Awardee of the John Lechner Award. Andy is a member and past president of the North Jersey Water Conference. He is also a member of the South Jersey Water Professionals Association. In 2014 Andy received the Harold V. Florence Award for Member of the Year from the North Jersey Water Conference. In 2016 he received the Salesperson of the Year award from Mueller and the Malcolm Fraser Award from the New Jersey Water Association.  

Why did you decide to go into the field of water?

I came across an open position with Mueller and sent in my resume. By the time I was contacted for an interview, I almost turned it down because I had been offered a position in another field. On a whim, I decided to agree to the interview. It went very well and I knew right away that the job was a great fit. It’s a sales position, but it can be hands-on. I loved the idea of working for a manufacturer with a cool history, and I felt really good about accepting a position involving water. There is literally nothing more important that that!

How did you become a volunteer for AWWA? What motivates you to be active in the Section?  How long have you been an AWWA member and what have you gotten from your membership?

I became a member very soon after starting with Mueller, and I immediately attended section events, especially the Annual and Fall Conferences. I wasn’t really involved at the committee level, or an active participant in the section for a few years, however. I recall that a colleague at a North Jersey Water Conference meeting told me that they were looking for members for the Technical Program Committee. He had declined because he wouldn’t be spending as much time in New Jersey, but had recommended me for the slot. I knew the committee chair and agreed to join. It all started from there.

I recall that shortly after joining Mueller, there was a training period, where I spent time at a number of different facilities. One of those stops was our district office, where I was to receive training from my manager. My first assignment that day was to join the AWWA and the NJ Section. That would have been late 2000 or early 2001. The biggest reward that I have received from my AWWA membership has been all of the great people I’ve met. A common reaction that I get when I host out of state colleagues is how nice the people are in our industry. I think they are usually a little surprised, because, let’s face it, New Jersey has a bit of a reputation. I’m not sure how it worked out this way, but the water community in New Jersey is made up of some of the most nice, dedicated and hardworking people in any industry.

Hobbies and outside interests?

Outside of work, I enjoy time with my family. I spend a lot of time attending their various events and activities. I also like to try to play golf when I have an opportunity. I’m a big fan of all of the Philadelphia sports teams, but I am a diehard Eagles fan! I’m also in a water industry fantasy football league, in which I’m the defending champ. I know everyone in the league is an AWWA member. Hopefully they are reading this, so they can be reminded one more time about my victory!

What legacy would you like to leave behind?

Hopefully, when I reach the end of my run, I will be remembered positively as a contributor to the water community in New Jersey, and as someone who added value through collaboration and by offering practical solutions to some of the issues faced in our field. It has always been a goal to do my best to pass along any useful information and knowledge that I have accumulated along the way. I hope those efforts in providing training and assistance have also had a positive impact.

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