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ICE Challenge 2019 - Overview
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Welcome to the ICE Challenge 2019: The Water Olympics!

In an effort to promote member inclusion and engagement, the AWWA New Jersey Section is launching the 2019 "ICE" Challenge.

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The “ICE” Challenge 2019 will take place from September 1, 2018 through March 30, 2019.

Teams will be challenged to complete tasks and activities ("Missions") that will earn them points – either as individual team members, or as an entire team. The team accumulating the most points by March 30, 2019 will win a cash prize. The winning team will be announced at a celebration event during Drinking Water Week 2019.


See who's in the lead! See our teams and see some of the great photos teams have contributed!


Teams must be made up of three to five (3-5*) members

  • All team members must be members of AWWA
  • You must have at least ONE team member that is a new member of AWWA. This can be someone you recruit to AWWA, or someone that has joined AWWA within the last 24 months.
  • CLICK HERE to access New Member list(s)
  • If you need contact information to reach out to a new member, contact Stacy Cacallori ( or Mona Cavalcoli (
  • We encourage you to have as diverse a team as possible (different ages, different parts of the state, different companies, different disciplines, etc)

Teams will earn points either as individual team members, or as a complete team – many Missions have special bonus points for team efforts.

Teams can sign up at any time, but the end of the Challenge remains the same (end day is March 30, 2019), so the earlier you start, the more time you have to earn points!

To help us streamline and track points, we'll be using an app called "Goosechase."  Download Goosechase from the Play or App store. You'll recognize it by the little webbed feet!


  • Download and install the app on your smartphone
  • Create a free profile in the app
  • Search for and Select our game: "ICE Challenge 2019"
  • Join (or create) your team
  • Start earning points by achieving the 'Missions' 



  • Download a list of ICE Challenge "missions" HERE
  • The list of Missions includes information on rules, restrictions, and limitations
  • Not all Missions are on Goosechase
  • Some Missions will be monitored by Section Staff (such as event registrations, social media postings, and committee participation...)
  • There are also some Missions that are ONLY on Goosechase
  • Additional challenges may be added periodically


Some Missions will earn your team bonus points if they are completed by a certain deadline

September 15, 2018

Establish your team name and be signed up on Goosechase app

50 points team bonus
September 30, 2018

Create an "Opening Ceremonies" Video!

Create a team "flag" and then share** a video of your team on 'marching' with the flag - we will create an "opening ceremonies" video of all teams that submit!

see Mission List for Details

Milestone Bonus First Team to Sign Up 50 points
Milestone Bonus First Team to Reach 2500 points 100 points
Milestone Bonus First Team to Reach 5000 points 250 points

To sign up your team – or for more information -- contact the Section office (866-436-1120) or contact or

 * If your team is returning from 2018, you may add a 6th team member to meet the "new member" rule.
** We will provide a Dropbox Link to which you can upload videos

Dedicated to Safe Water in New Jersey

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Toll free: 1-866-436-1120