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The Water Equation

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It's easy to take water for granted. You may never see what it takes to treat and distribute life-giving water or how to clean it to sustain the environment. Our greatest resource is facing a crisis in the workforce and in its infrastructure. We need your help to educate our water professionals, to fund scholarships for our young professionals who will provide the necessary research and innovation.

With your help...

  • WE can create the Largest Water Education and Scholarship Funds to provide financial assistance through the One AWWA Operator Scholarship for dedicated professionals who operate our vital water and wastewater systems.
  • WE can invest in undergraduate and graduate students who are producing research in water-related fields.
  • WE can fund CECorps to help send volunteers with necessary skills to local communities to evaluate water infrastructure and engineer future improvements
  • WE can provide engaging programming for student and young professionals to encourage their life-long commitment to the water industry.

Dedicated to Safe Water in New Jersey

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